Bases de datos de agencias financieras y un paisaje de donantes a donde se puede acceder para el financiamiento de programas y proyectos conjuntos con la Universidad de Cienfuegos.

Base de datos de convocatorias y concursos para el financiamiento de la Educación Superior, en asociación con la Universidad de Dalhousie.

  1. Database of Opportunities: Small database of international funding opportunities for faculty.  They maintain listings of international funding opportunities for students.  You can access and search the database via this link:
  2. Newsletter for faculty: each Monday, an e-mail newsletter is sent by the International  office of Dalhousie faculty members.  It contains summary information of current funding opportunities, news, deadlines and events – recipients can click on links in the email to get more information, located on their website here:
  3. EURAXESS: this is an information and support service for European researchers. They publish a regular newsletter for North American institutions interested in collaborating with Europe.  You can view and download the newsletters here:  You can also subscribe to receive them directly by email.  There are useful listings in each issue, of funding opportunities in different European countries.

Proximamente se actualiazará el paisaje de donantes.